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Linus gets the mail in his walking jacket

Peaches in her Mynwood jacket outside for the very first time

Otis and Sherlock wearing their Mynwood Cat Jackets for a walk around the local nature reserve

Otis and Sherlock enjoying the sunshine

Dylan the Bengal on a walk wearing his Mynwood cat jacket

Haggis and Rosie the Norwegian Forest Cats walking together in the woods

A video of a Bengal cat, Tegan on her 1st lead walk wearing her Mynwood Cat Jacket

Poppy wearing her Mynwood Cat Jackets 1st time in the snow

His name is Freddy, and from Park Ridge, IL.
The harness works great and we use it almost daily with our 1 year old cat. He loves it. It didn't take much training to get him used to walking. He's still not yet as "fluid" as a dog on a leash, but he is getting the hang of it. Thank you for the wonderful product!

5 September 2012
Hi Maria
This is Harvey, 9 months, in his jacket with the new kitten Reuben, 14 weeks, in his old jacket. They love their walks especially now it has stopped raining.
Thought you'd like to see them.
Yours Nicola Matthews

Elizabeth Flood sent me this lovely video of Bobby in the garden

Christina Suhfras's puss's first video in his new jacket

Thought you might like this. We went camping/hiking this weekend and Tigger found out he can still do this! He was bouncing every chance he could get, good thing he lives up to his name :)
Christina Suhfras

Christina Suhfras's puss, Tigger walking in the mountains.

Harvey wearing his Mynwood Cat Jacket 'By the canal'

Harvey in his Mynwood Cat Jacket by the canal.
We so far have been out most days and he really enjoys the freedom.
Nicola Matthews

Blue going out

Hi Maria
We couldn't be more happy with your harnesses. We took our time introducing Dexter and Jonesy to their new harnesses by only taking them out during play time and rewarding with treats. By the time we took them outside for the first time, it was like the harnesses didn't exist!
Thank you, thank you , thank you!
David White
Bend, Oregon USA

10 September 2012
Sydney's human gets her exercise like this.......? It may just catch on

5 February 2013
Hello Maria,
Thank you for the jackets.
Quite successful first walk in some woods near my house. The worst bit by far is the 10 minute trip in the car to get there.